Enter akash

At a time that is as distant as millions of years, as intimate as the space within cells  and as reachable as the spaces between thought, the earth was abundant, prosperous, vibrating with joy and a high level of knowledge among beings who had mastered the elements.

Some have called them Lemurians, Atlanteans, the Ancient Ones. In the subconscious stream that flows in the human mind Mu, Atlantis, Ramrajya, the golden age. Pyramidian structures, labyrinthine pathways and crystal halls arise in visions, dreams, stories. Creatures strange and familiar walk these spaces.

Those spaces are here. Those memories are of now. Those feelings that they evoke in us are the way of reaching them. For they are in the Akash, the ethers, beyond space and time, beyond conception, abundant, more real than what we feel is real.

Why did the memory become buried? Why did earth and all within its embrace descend into the dark ages, kalyug,? We slept. We wanted to see how far we could go in our sleep and yet not lose the spark of loving light.

As the moon wanes into the night of the inner illumined moon we call the new moon, we can access that space and drink of its nectar.

Let go all that is heavy ~ step into the light
Let go of all that is  stagnant ~ step into the stillness
Let go of all that is grey ~ step into the clarity of light~dark.

Visualize yourself in a space that is full of love. Unconditional love. Vibrant love. All-embracing love. The light of love that can reach all, without leaving a mark. Love shows up in our life as neutrino smile particles.

Breathe in love. Allow love to merge with the light and dark spaces of your mind, body, life, soul – acknowledging, accepting, embracing all. Breathe out love. Feel it going into the mind, body, life, soul of all beings in the world.

Breathe three lung-fulls  of this love breath.
Drink three belly-fulls of this love potion.
Feel the love breeze gently brushing your skin.

You are light. You are love. You are.
I AM light. I AM love. I AM….


To enter the akash, know you are akash.
To enter the halls of akash, flow as akash.
To read the records of the akash, become the akash.
In the loving light of akash you will find what you seek. In loving light you will be all that you seek. In the akash you will find that I am another you.
In Lak’ech Ala K’in

With gratitude to Ma who first told me that the akash has everything we ever say or think in past, present and future, and in so doing, helped unlocked a memory, open an eyelid, bring light to a darkened room.

Enter akash by invoking your spiritual guides. I am open to helping those who enter with a pure heart.

©2015 Meenakshi Suri ~ for these words are being shared in a space and time where © signifies that there is a gateway that allowed these words to come through, and this spacetime requires that we acknowledge that gateway. Please share these words ~ they will allow abundance to flow to all.

Image courtesy the world-wide-web of wonder

Image courtesy the world-wide-web of wonder