Cyberspace-Occupy the hashtag

The ubiquitous hashtag.

The followers.

Likes and comments.

Facebook and Instagram.

Our world is changing rapidly and space is expanding.

Cyberspace is real- or is it? It’s ubiquitous, exciting, challenging, addicting, yet millions on Earth are not online.

It’s also a very ephemeral space and we are constantly challenged to re-invent ourselves. One of the tools we use is the hashtag.

The hashtag is our spaceship and we are exploring the dizzying cyberspace-Meenakshi Suri, The spaces we occupy

We are explorers and the hashtag is a spaceship.

This is what I’m learning from my young guides to Instagram. I gave a shoutout for my wonderful daughter Yashodhara @yashmula who showed me the how to, my wonderful daughter-from-another-Mother @danielle.nicole__ who keeps me focused and helps with the hashtags, and my son @raghavsuri1 who keeps me grounded in cyberspace. The one who is of my essence cannot be named as he’s not a cyberspace fan. See? There’s life beyond cyberspace. Explore it. What are you waiting for? Go!


Still here? I’m offering online mentoring for mindful travel through cyberspace (and other spaces). Contact journey. if you’re feeling lost and ready to find yourSelf.