New Year, New Moon

The first moonless night of this year falls on Jan. 9th/10th. This time, it is during mercury retrograde, and you may feel that you need to free yourself from issues related to communication.

As always, the new moon is a sacred time for a high level of energy hygiene, freeing our energy bodies from toxic feelings, thoughts, memories and karmic patterns related to relationships with the tool called hooks-removal, or chord-cutting.

We can cut chords in an emergency, but for  a deeper, more lasting freeing, I don’t feel that cutting chords is adequate. This keeps the hooks in place, and they can re-attach.

If you feel ready, it is better to remove the hooks, and heal any wound that you feel at that time, with sacred loving light. Then there is nothing for the chords to attach to.

It is important to call on angel, spirit, Grandmother Moon or human guides who can hold sacred space while you undergo this ritual. This is a wonderful ritual; for it frees all who are attached in unhealthy relationships. It is a release, not a disconnection. We detach to connect in lovingkindness, in right relationship to our selves and others, so approach this ritual with love.

Create a safe space where you will be undisturbed for a few hours. Let your family know that you will be in meditation.

Play healing music, light a candle and incense or use sage for clearing the space.  Breathe. Keep breathing evenly during this exercise.freedom

  • Gently  scan your energy for places where you feel a hook or a chord attachment that drains you; or one in which you feel charged up and then drained. You may be draining someone else, or they may be draining you. A habit may be charging you up and then draining you. However ‘good’ and beneficial they may at first seem,  you may now feel that you would  like release from them. In this expanded state, you will know. If you are unsure, surround this in loving light and move on.
  • When you feel a chord, look for the hook. Where is it attached to you? Who (person) or what (idea, action, habit, karmic pattern) is on the other side?
  • Ask yourself if you are ready to release this. If yes, then surround the hook and chord in loving light, calling on Reiki, Archangels or other forms of higher vibrations for help. When the hook and chord are dripping in light, the people involved infused in healing light, gently remove the hook. You may be surprised at how you physically feel a wrench as the hook, which has become a  habitual pattern with you (e.g. allowing others to use you for help), is removed. Keep filling that space with water.
  • If you feel you’d like to, you can work on more than one hook in a session. Perhaps they are related to one another. Call on the guides to help you decide.  Do this in a healing balance. Remember, going one way may itself be a hook (seeking perfection; or completion; or being impetuous or impatient)
  • Breathe. Then drink plenty of Reiki’d or smile-particle-charged water and allow mind and body to rest, and energy to recharge.