Let your heart expand like a lake


The heart can be likened to a lake. When something hurts or pains us, we tend to contract the heart, to feel less loving, less giving, less caring. The paradox is, that contraction helps us to succumb to the painful stimulus. The only way to escape the pain is to expand the heart: become more caring, more loving, more giving. Pain gets lost in the space of love and joy.

As we widen our perspective into the pain, we change our focus beyond it.

How can we do this? By accessing the spring within, that eternally renews and refreshes us, and which is a perennial source for peace. If we cannot access the spring ourselves, the resulting storm may seem so disruptive when it comes, but once we ride it out, it leaves clarity and expansion, and peace behind it.

As we focus on the eternal spring within, we gain perspective on our problem.

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©2015 Meenakshi Suri, modified from Feb. 2005. More on https://meenakshisuri.wordpress.com/focus-on-perspective/the-expanding-lake/