Dawn of the light age

We are witnessing the dawn of a light age.  Light shines on all that is hidden, that is in the darkness of ignorance. As this happens, we, the ones who have chosen to be of the light, need even more than ever, to hold that center while the world churns around us. To do this, we reach across to those who were always light, and those who always will be.


What was  hiding in the world?  Molestation behind closed doors. Children keeping the horror of elders who were not true caregivers. Women keeping the family honor that hid emotional and physical abuse. Men losing humanity as they were turned into money-churners. Everyone hiding everything behind cloaks of power or good manners. Sweet ones, the world has been horrible, and it is now becoming less so. It seemed wonderful and is now seeming horrible. But even then, there was light. For the truth has always been there. Love has always been there. As my mother told us in childhood, there are invisible helpers, and we can always count on them, and go out as invisible helpers to others. As we grow into light, we see that. Beyond the ignorance of those who could not see the effect of their actions,  was always love.


 In the dark, the light sometimes blinded, at other times illumined. The ones who came this way, went through trials and travails that have themselves moved the hearts of humanity through the ages.~ Meenakshi Suri, Who are lightworkers?

What is actually happening, is a cleansing, a churning of the mighty ocean of this world.  Sagar Manthan. Kalyuga is leaving, and as it does, the darkness is coming to the surface. But so is light. It’s shining brighter.


Sweet one, lightbringer, peace-lover, one who feels for humanity, who wishes for the good of self, family, friends, and the world, you are a lightworker. How do you know?

Lightwork is more about BEing than doing
More about doing than waiting
More about surrendering to where we are
than about yearning for where we are from
We are here now, able to access all energies that we have brought with us and that are here now.
We are the ones we think we are waiting for
This is the time we have prepared for
Guide the ones awakening to walk in the ways of love, to sprinkle love, to look with love, to be love

What do you do when you enter a dark room?
Do you switch on the electric light?
Do you feel embraced by the light within?
Exactly. ~ Meenakshi Suri, Who are lightworkers?

lightworkers earth

Every day, at a chosen time,  bask in the light age. Channel light. Receive from your inner smile and the outer waves fueled by lightwork all over the world. Absorb it deeply within. Radiate it out into the world.

In loving light