Sun rises, moon sets

Sun rises, moon sets
Conciousness unfolding
In wind and water

Enjoy the play of light reflecting on the water of your world, then become the light that is reflecting on all. Rise and expand even more fully, to the essence shining in all beings. That is the gift of enlightenment. Sense light and shadow, knowing and not knowing in all. That is the gift of mastership.

Enjoy the play of light, color and movement reflecting in the waters and winds of your world – emotion and thought. Then rise and expand your light to all, in healing, prayer and blessing. Step into wholeness and see the essence of light in all, the harmonious balance of pure love. This is the unfolding of consciousness.

Sun rises, moon sets. Moon rises, sun sets. Both rise, both set. Rise here, set there.  This is the play of this world. Seeing all  is the mastery of enlightenment.

In elements, wind represents sensation and thought. Water represents emotion, creation and re-creation. As within, so without. As you see, so you are. As you sense, so you become. As you know, so you are.

In loving light
Meenakshi Suri