The wind of compassion

The wind of compassion has reached you. Breathe it in. Absorb it. Then let it flow.
To Gaia: Mother Earth and all beings
In sync, we are one

Reproduced from a Sierra Club website with permission of the Sierra Club.With gratitude to Marybeth Dingledy for this beautiful image with a perfect name “Wildflowers and Wandering in the Wind River Range, Wyoming”

We’re dedicating April to Compassion.

In our Tuesday circle, we flowed with the wind, and discovered it in our anahata chakra, gall bladder and liver, our thoughts that can flow as the wind, and refresh us with its amazing openness. It’s spring, it’s the season of compassion and wind. See the connections? Who’d’ve thought?

Wind of compassion. Wind is compassion. Air is compassion. It does not choose who to go to. It is the receiver who chooses how to accept its gift. Wind has no agenda, not even a destination.

It just flows, moves, turns, when it encounters a barrier. It fills the empty. Whatever it picks up, it sets down. Wind began with the Big Bang, and in true Hetero style, keeps moving, changing, both its pace and direction.  The DNA of all who breathe is flowing in the wind.  So we inter-breathe, we inter-are.

For the mind to understand compassion, we need to flow with wind.

Within us it is the anahata, the unfettered, the free, the one which does not place conditions on acceptance. It’s close to the heart, so in English we call it the heart chakra.

In our body, we receive the fresh newness of wind from gall bladder and liver. So in our Tuesday circle, we connected with the ‘factories’ of wind, and the vibration of wind.

Spring is the season of wind. How is it playing in your life?
And for our friends in the southern hemisphere, stepping into autumn….wind knows no season!
Meenakshi  Suri