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In the 21st Century, healing is open, harmonious, liberating, whole – a spiral that encompasses all forms of healing. Healing in this new era is not for enslaving people to medical systems, therapists, healers or drugs; but for helping us to uncover the liberating tools of natural healing that the very moment of our creation  provides to us, yet every moment of living plays at hiding from our awareness.  Healing is not just for removing ailments, but for bringing about a Smile World for all.

Prof Park Jae Woo: Smile is our Essence

Prof Park Jae Woo: Smile is our Essence

Sujok Smile Healing is based on Triorigin Theory of Prof Park, Jae Woo – a brilliant, charismatic, gentle, persistent scholar, healer, teacher, variously called Professor, Master, Smile Saint. I call him a Buddha who has walked in our time and is now in the timeless, available to us all through his writings, teachings, videos, the memories of those who learned from him,  and in our still smile moments of accessing the akash.

buddha smile hand smile mudra indiasujokSujok Smile Healing​ reminds us of something the body already knows: healing is literally in our hands and feet, arms and legs for ANY disease, ailment, imbalance that we feel.  When we are healed, we smile. The wonder is, that when we smile, we heal. In workshops and sessions, I am constantly shown how people’s hands automatically move to the correspondence points to their joints or organs.

Sujok w jimmySujok [hands and feet] Healing can be transmitted to self or others with touch, pressure, massage, acupuncture, seeds, river stones, leaves, crystals, color,  specially made rings, balls, mats, smile,twist, movement, meditation, mantra, mudra, music….. It can be learned through books, workshops, seminars, classes, presentations.

The earth smiles ~ We are Gaia

It is a world of wonder. A sensation of smile.So simple that a child can learn it. So rich in knowledge that it can keep a scholar occupied for lifetimes. So stimulating that just learning it brings the brain back from degeneration, the smile becoming more genuine. So complete that whatever you learn, is complete in itself.  Much like a spiral – always open, always complete. No wonder Professor pointed out the spiral energies of the universe as they are in my mind, body, life.

Smile Points presentationSujok bridges the gap between learning and healing. As you heal, you learn; as you learn, you heal. Sujok bridges the gap between sacred and scientific. As you systematically enter the workings of the body, you are face to face with the sacredness of its self-healing.  As one hand touches another, information is exchanged among the amazing number of brain points on finger-tips and palms.

A Global Smile World is dawning. Can you sense it?.

sujok spiral

©2015 Meenakshi Suri In gratitude to the smile logo created by Prof. Park Jae Woo. You are welcome to share the post. Please keep all text and copyright information intact. So comes about a Smile World.

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