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Group meditations

There are many group meditations, some in the physical, others in etheric space. Choose the ones that resonate with you. Meditating in a group helps the individual and the world.

Gaia Minute – daily wordless prayer with others around the planet. No intention or asking or even an intention.  No rules to follow. Nothing to chant or remember.Just surrender and connect to everyone and everything on Mother Earth. This is a simple way to get into a powerful practice that benefits the meditator and everyone on planet Earth. There is no training required, it is a short  session of 9-15 minutes, and the most difficult part may be finding a time and place that you find convenient for regular practice.

MedMob – there may be places in your city or town where a meditation is being organized in a public place. Seek them out or form your own. These are silent meditations for an hour followed by a sound bath or chanting of Om.

Peace Projects

Global Peace Web – To help peace projects … (from one person visions of simply holding the light of love, to large global out-reach concepts that can touch all of humanity) easily find collaborators (people who want to follow their bliss) and expand the transformation of consciousness now bathing the planet and humanity.

For individual or smaller group sessions, contact us.

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