Meditation is a powerful tool to reconnect to your essential self. It helps you to discover and be more effective in the different roles you play in the different dimensions you occupy. It helps you to gain perspective on your life on earth.

Meditation helps you to be more effective whether alone or in a group setting, in your communication, relationships, and the goals that lead you to your purpose. You begin to see the inter-relationship among all the areas of your life.


There are many techniques of meditation and we can discover the ones that suit you on your path. Meditation can be experienced face-to-face in individual or group sessions, through skype or conference call. All of them have a space for silence.

Guided visualization
Meditation with breath
Chakras re-balancing
Triorigin Smile Meditation for mind, body, life
Smile Twist Gymnastics and Smile Taiji

Connecting to each other through meditation is a powerful way to bring harmonious balance into your relationship with yourself and the people around you. If you feel called to connect to the various group meditations in the world today, see our Resources section.

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