Journey to Wholeness collaborates closely with healers in different modalities to provide a holistic experience to our clients. If you are a healing facilitator and would like to join the team, please Contact

The healing consultants can be contacted individually or through this site. We are available for sessions in-person, skype or phone.

Taveta Grant,   Founder of Spacial Light workshops,  is a transformational Relationship Consultant/ Coach,  Spiritual Experiential Facilitator / Speaker  Stress Management, Meditation and Transformational Guide. Email

SJ T Bhupinder Kaur is a fount of inspiration and information about Smile Meditation, Triorigin theory, Sujok therapy, Smile Taiji, Twist Gymnastics, Mudra and Mantra and much else. She offers classes and  free healing through her center in Delhi and through camps in different cities of India and globally. Contact

SJ T Anju Gupta  is an indefatigable and inspiring presenter, healer and guide for Sujok Therapists in India.  She has taught and  presented to thousands besides her free healing clinics.   Contact

Sj T. Sunil Mahajan [Alternative Medicine]  practices and teaches Sujok in Delhi, India.  He introduced Sujok into my life. His brilliance lies in forming protocols for chronic cases. “I take up only those cases which have been diagnosed as “untreatable” or ‘require lifelong medication’ as prescribed by modern hospitals”. Email

Dr. Amit Anand, MD, combines his practice of medicine with yoga instruction. He is a certified meditation coach. Contact

A Chauhan is a gifted Sujok practitioner based in Delhi, India. She teaches Sujok therapy in Hindi. Email 

Vidisha A. Patel, Ed.D., a Reiki Master works with children and women with stress and anxiety. She serves on the National Board of Directors for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted). Based in Florida, USA. Contact

Meenakshi Suri is an inspirational light healer and coach in Miami, Fl, USA Contact

Praveen Suri, Managing Partner, VBridge Inc is a rare combination of practical visionary. He provides training and coaching on empowering yourself to make money by trading markets.  “I have long been an advocate for self directing investors and continue to write articles and coach. It can take as little as a week to start making money.” Contact

Vinita Suri, Ph.D  offers Satori counseling, workshops and retreats for personal transformation, working mainly with parents, children, and young adults in Mumbai and Goa India.

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