Energy exchange or “What are your charges”?

In Neutro, or harmonious mode, I charge according to the needs of my livelihood, the place where I work,  and on a sliding scale so that all who would like to learn or attend my events, are served without undue burden. However, please know that I will not enable unwillingness to pay because ‘spiritual work should not be paid for.’ All work is of Spirit, and money is spiritual energy.

All human interactions involve energy exchange. A healing exchange is one in which each participant feels that they have given and received balance. This is an important aspect of healing, and as a healer or teacher I will help you to find the smile of a balanced energy exchange.

In an ideal scenario, there is no need of a set fee, and I have operated that way, but this sometimes gives stress to the receiver. I therefore attempt to be in harmony with the charges of the place I live in.

To facilitate healing and learning, I will provide the most relevant resources available to me to facilitate your unfolding.  I keep my energy as clear as possible, knowledge updated, communication timely. As receiver, what will you bring to the exchange? Your dedication, commitment to your healing, and what you feel is fair value  for the time, expertise, skill and training we spend in facilitating your healing or learning.

Since our society still runs on money as exchange and I am seeking to make a living by offering healing and teaching services, I welcome money as energy exchange, but do not limit to other forms you may offer. After years of being uncomfortable with receiving money, I am now open to receive abundance from the universe in joyful exchange. As you give, you receive. Be at peace with what you give. Never feel you ‘cannot afford’ or ‘have less’. This will deepen the stress you feel about money. Always think of what you can do, ask what you can do to help in my mission of helping to bring about a more harmonious world.

Energy exchange is an essential aspect of healing, learning, unfolding, as it self-empowers all concerned. It is necessary to receive and give joyfully, and feel a sense of completeness from a session. After a healing or learning session, examine the value it has for you and what you would like to give so that you feel  ‘just right’ – give not more than you are comfortable with, and not less than you feel you need to give. Your heart will inform you.

Energy Exchange- A Healing Look