Death is just a door

When you enter a room, do you explore it to search for the exit?
If you do, you feel at ease in the room, knowing where someone can enter or leave from; where you can enter and leave from, to explore, to move on, or just to depart.

In public places, do you notice the Exit signs?
Our attention is drawn to them by announcements on airplanes, and the lit-up red signs in theaters, offices, buildings.

When you establish a work relationship, do you think then, about how it will end?
It helps to  plan, because work relationship usually involves and inflow-outflow of money, and money requires planning to earn, give, spend, save.

When breath enters the body, it will leave. That is the only certainty. Will we take the next breath? Whether we are a minute old or a century old, there is no certainty of that. Death is both a certainty, an an uncertainty.

Where we enter, we will exit. When we birth to a human life, the one certainty is that we will depart. But when? That is uncertain? How? That is unknown. Why? That is conjecture. That departure, we call death. Death is such a loaded word.  What is your relationship to it?

Do you feel it is morbid to think about death?
Is death to be celebrated as some do?
Is death a defeat, to be avoided if we could?
Is death to be planned, as some do?

Is death simply a door, from a living form of being, to a soul form of being? When we die to this life, do we birth to another? An afterlife or another life on earth, or perhaps to a life on another planet?

Perhaps not. When we leave a room, are we fully gone; or do we leave our essence behind, in the form of things moved around, our unique fragrance, a vibe? When we leave a life, what do we leave behind? Who is the ‘I’ that endures? The one that that enters and exits, and then enters again?

These words are meant to take you on a journey. A journey to your self. This blog post is like that journey. It continues on Hourly Universal Global Sync (Honoring the Departed), and Living in Joyful Awareness (Death Perspective).

See you there! This is a journey that has many doors, and many rooms. Unending, as we are. Eternal.

He who binds to himself a Joy, Does the winged life destroy; He who kisses the Joy as it flies, Lives in Eternity’s sunrise. ~ William Blake, Eternity

In loving light, we journey to wholeness
© 2017 Meenakshi Suri
blue doorway
Image courtesy: the world-wide-web-of-wonder