September falls into October

Has it been an exhilarating time for you? A wild ride perhaps? This is what’s come up for me as September falls into October  – or maybe I should say September springs into October? Depends on where you live, of course!

First – celebrations. Reiki and Sujok healers received certificates and new learning.  The Wednesday circle celebrated  Navratri, the 9 forms of the Goddess.

The nine days of celebrating Navratri, exploring 9 forms of the divine feminine, brings up many insights, experiences that are painful and liberating, joyful and surprising. It’s been an emotional time, and many shadows have come up, to be destroyed by the Goddess energy.It’s also the time between Rosh Hashanah, when the Book of life is opened, and our life is being read, and Yom Kippur when it is closed and we are sealed for another year (which is a good thing) or…. let’s study this a little more.

Do you? Explore other cultures, religions, traditions? If yes, isn’t it wonderful? It shows us that the world belongs to us. If not, why not? Is there fear? A feeling that something is not for you? Just watch your response to something new. A lot to be learned there. We neither want to be the monkey grabbing at everything and then being caught by the neck of a jar; nor the elephant who remembers being tied as a child and is too afraid of the memory of pain to see that s/he is no longer tied.

The tenth day is celebrated in our world as Dussehra and Yom Kippur. I see it as a day of great holiness, because the 10-headed ego is destroyed, and purity prevails.

What challenges are you facing? What are you celebrating? What have you uncovered about yourself?
As we move into a new season, what’s new in your life?
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In Lak’ech

Meenakshi Suri