The rise of smile

✨The birth of Krishna consciousness in each of us is the rise of the smile consciousness in every moment.
✨One of the most difficult and famous teachings of Krishna is: To action alone you have the right. Not to the fruit of the action.
🤔Mind asks:
🤔Why am I studying if not for grades
🤔Why play if not to win?
🤔Why treat if not to heal?

😌Soul responds:
🦚study to enjoy learning.
🦚Play to enjoy the game.
🦚Treat to connect and evoke the inner smile within the patient.
✨The action itself from the beginning is a smile action.
✨Whatever the result appears to be, is always a greater awareness of smile: something learned, body exercised, healing force invoked.
✨So the teaching is not just telling us to disconnect from the outcome, but to find the smile from the beginning.
✨The fruit is the action itself.


krishna with peacock and flute

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