Did you just steal my intention?

Recently in a ceremonial circle, we were asked to share our intention.

Words came to my mind but when I spoke, I spoke other words.

I found the soul-sister on my left saying the same words. Later she told me I had spoken the words in her heart, almost stolen them from  her!

With a start I found that the person who was sitting two spaces away, and whom I had never met, spoke the  words I had left unspoken,  in the exact way they had been in my mind. Had she taken my words or had I heard hers?

Both – the words I spoke and the ones I didn’t, had a meaning for me. One was of gratitude for the gathering to honor Pachamama at the Lion’s Gate, and the other was for the physical healing that I am  undertaking to bring my body back to a healthy functioning so I can continue my service to this world. Yet, I had voiced only the gratitude and the words about healing, needing to be spoken, were picked up by someone else.

Are intentions ‘my intentions’ and ‘your intentions?’

We pick up one another’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain, sorrow, joy. For oneness is not a word. It is a truth of our being. It is the truth of the deep interconnection of being human.
In sacred circle with a group of people diverse on the surface but deeply connected in soul, we realize that our words are sometimes spoken by another, that we pick up and speak the words of the one next to us; and if so called, pick up the emotions of the group and release them.

If you are the one releasing, know that you are not releasing just ‘your’ emotions, but of the ones who are near and dear to you. This is your service to the world. If you are the one feeling uplifted, know that there are people around you who have helped you to reach where you are, so you can give back in service.

Who do we serve? The One. Who serves? The One.

This is the lesson of the sacred circle. This is the joy, and the great gift.
And so, I release the pain of your heart and smile the smile of your heart.

In loving light I am another you.
© 2019 Meenakshi Suri. Creative Commons License to share freely with all copyright information intact.

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