Curse or Cure?


Someone told me recently that they feel they’re cursed. I saw the s’s falling to bring about the cure.

‘S’ is the shadow that dissolves in shining light
‘S’ is suffering that is alleviated by compassionate sympathy
‘S’ is sickness healed by Origin smile
‘S’ is separateness removed in the circle of sisters and brothers

Curse or Cure

What is the story of the ‘S’s ‘ in your life? Have you dissolved the negative S’s into the positive S’s?
Sharing , storytelling, seeking, smiling – these are the pillars that turn curses into cures.
Someone around you is seeking to help or be helped.
Are you?

©2019 Meenakshi Suri
Creative Commons License to share fully, and without charging, andwith all copyright information intact.

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