March into Sujok

Two births took place in March: a birth into earth and a birth into the ‘zero world’ from where we come. In other words, Professor Park, Jae Woo, the brilliant author of Triorigin World, Founder of Sujok Therapy, Smile Meditation, Smile Taiji, smile mantra and so much more, was born and passed in March.

Every year, Sujok lecturers and therapists offer free classes and healing sessions in honor of the beloved Professor, in March. We seek to continue his mission of spreading Sujok into every household in the world.

Prof Park Jae Woo: Smile is our Essence

This year, one of the people I invited, asked me: what is Sujok? Each time I’m asked this, I realize there is so much to say.
That’s because Professor Park Jae Woo placed together all the enduring ancient healing systems in the world into one brilliant system.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, and the whole system of Sujok healing leaped into one simple truth: the hand is similar to the body because it is a fractal if all its parts and organs and glands and chakras and meridians. Everything is on the 👐 (Su) and 👣 (JOK)
Sujok is effective as a first aid as it brings immediate results as the system is natural, gifted by Creator Spirit and maintained by Existence Spirit.

Sujok is effective for chronic ailments as it works with the body’s innate healing system.

The most beautiful gift of Sujok is that it can be used by therapists for helping others or for your own self-healing.
Sujok is the best well-hidden gift that’s been given to you all your life. Don’t you want to become aware of it?

BTW, it’s all- inclusive. You don’t have to give up anything to use Sujok. It’ll help increase the effectiveness of any other form of medicine you’re using . In true Neutro (harmonizing) spirit, Sujok complement all systems of healing.

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