March begins with the smile of eternal light

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Play the magical 5-element mantra while reading the blog

March has begun on a high energy, true to the first of the old saying : March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.

March 1-4

In a healing session, an affirmation arose for the receiver:

Did you learn to smile? No. It’s your essence: untaught, natural, your connection to the serenity of Creator spirit.
In a healing session, this affirmation came through. It is for us all.
In the serenity of smile we are one. 😌

How do the Gods smile? I wondered one day. They know all the ills of this world. All the pain. How can they smile when humans and animals and plants and the earth all suffer? 😌
I embarked on a journey which led me to the Origin Smile of the Creator Spirit. 😌
As envisioned by the wonderful Professor Park Jae Woo, Creator Spirit’s smile created this world.
Smile particles are in the mind, in every cell of the body, in life. 😌How do you invoke the smile?
Through meditation, mantra, mudra, samwondong movements of Qi, sujok therapy, color therapy, seed therapy, and so many other ways: all natural, harmless, simply effective.
Smile can be invoked when we are overwhelmed and we can bring them into healing sessions. Nothing is more gentle yet powerful. 😌
Together we are on a journey into wholeness. Together we are co-creating a Smile world. 🙏

shiva nataraja with shakti.png

The smile of The Divine Shiva: Destroying to create. The cosmic force we know as Shiva has all the forces of Triorigin Smile.
As Hetero force, he creates a new world
As Homo force, he destroys all that is the opposite of ‘LIVE’
As Neutro force Shiva-Shakti are the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in balance.
All forces are needed to bring healing.
Release to emerge into balance

global smile meditation 333

3rd day of the 3rd month of a year whose numerals add up to 3.
Can you feel the power of 3? Just enter your stillness with a smile, let the smile particles bathe you in wonder, and emerge with a smile that is golden. More real, more serene, pulsating with the potential to light up this world. 😌

Mahashivaratri is March 4th when the eternal, infinite pillar of light we call Shiva manifested in the universe. It has no beginning and no end.
Where do we begin? Where do we end? Who are we but sparkles of that eternal light?

sunlight cross pillar of light

How can we sense the brilliance of the infinite, eternal light? It is countless times more brilliant than our life-sustaining sun.
The sun’s rays can hurt as well as sustain, but the mystical light of Mahashivratri destroys the dross to re-create our diamond-self, thus sustaining our world, and moving us towards sat-chit-anand: truth, consciousness, bliss.
For you are a child of light and your essence is awakening.

yoga light alex grey

Have you considered, wonderful healer, whose light you are channeling when you Reiki?
Have you wondered if the cosmic light has reached you?
Healing is a journey of wholeness. The healer becomes the healing, the channel is light, and the channel is infinite, eternal, extending into past, present, future.
It begins not with the two who are in a healing session, but with the ancestors whose unfinished tasks were passed on to the new generation. It ends not with us, but with those who will take on our unfinished tasks.
The tasks become blessings once we realize that this is a divine flow of love connecting and expanding.
Do you feel it? In this time of Mahashivratri, do you sense this?

In loving light

© 2019 Meenakshi Suri. Creative Commons License to share with all copyright information intact.

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