The space you occupy

You are here now, in the space of your body which keeps changing in a way you may like or dislike. In a house, a city, a country that all keep changing in ways we may like or dislike. We occupy so many spaces – physical body, the environment, the cloud of our feelings and emotions, the trails of feelings, emotions and expectations others have of us, the reach of our expressions, intuition, memory and dreams, the shared spaces, and the point of light whence we arose.

All these form the layers of aura, the energy body, and the interactions of its tones is our symphony,  the energy signature, the “vibe” that different people sense.

Once you know this, you stop seeking to return “back home” or reach a better reality. You expand until you reach the space for which a yearning has been placed in your heart.


Expand  your consciousness


In aura workshops for healing practitioners, we study, sense, and learn how to help heal tears and tentative layers of the auric body to bring a healing balance.

In loving light

©2019 Meenakshi Suri Creative Commons License. Permission to share in free media. Please keep all writing intact, including copyright information.

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