Journeying with friends

In our journey into wholeness, we begin to feel a greater sense of happiness, even in the most difficult circumstances.
Just as love bubbles up to embrace all, joy spills over to color the world, happiness spreads and seeks a friend.
Not everyone can share in your happiness.

You might find people ready to give advice, but a friend shares in your happiness, whatever the circumstances of their own life.
You may find moments of sadness or disappointment. A friend can share in that, without advice, and these moments just dissipate.
Are you that friend? Can you enjoy their happiness without envy? Listen to their sadness without advising?
It may seem strange for one who often mentors, to ask this, but this has been my greatest learning.
If someone consistently shares their life with you, but not you with them, they are seeking you as a mentor – not a friend. For right relationship to be established, it’s better to inform them.
If someone only shares in your sadness, but not your happiness, they are your support, but not a friend.
If someone is unable to sense your feelings, relationship cannot be established.
Friendship is one of the greatest blessings of life. I hope you have friends as wonderful as mine.
In loving light


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