Reiki Master or Lotus in the mud

I am blessed to bear witness to the unfolding of Reiki Masters.

To hold sacred space and provide the courses and sessions that help to bring a sustained feeling of happiness and well-being in service to the One Self. That is Reiki mastery, and it is a lifelong process. The Reiki Master course is to step into one’s path with authenticity, and the bliss of knowing that you are attracting and providing what is for the highest good of all concerned – not just in a healing session, but in every moment.

I grow as I guide. I learn to watch in compassion when to guide, when to let go. It’s not so different from being a mother!

The key is to expand awareness to the space where the student and teacher, healer and receiver, mother and child, you and I are One.

Oneness cannot be known in words. From an idea, it becomes perceived reality.

Universal Energy.


Movement and Stillness.

Light and darkness.

These are some of the areas where the consciousness of a Reiki Master expands. In my lineage, this is achieved through months of self-awareness and energy awareness individual and group sessions.

To step into our shadows and find the light.

Yes, I am blessed to be a witness to this unfolding of souls who bring Divine Light into this world.

What is mastery in one sentence?

To know that the lotus and mud are One.

In loving light, In Lak’ech Ala K’in,


©2018 Meenakshi Suri


Image gratitude: the world wide web of wonder.

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