From one to many

Like a zygote multiplying into a new human body, there’s a new consciousness rising. It can reach you as a therapy, a meditation, a discovery, an expansion of your inner knowing.
Sujok consciousness, based on Triorigin theory, is all of these, and more.
Any way it reaches you, it enhances your sense of confidence, self-reliance, and that innocence of the all- knowing.
Learning Sujok expands you to the universe and to the innerverse. It connects our conscious awareness to the intelligence shining in every cell of the body.

From you, it spreads to your family, friends, neighbors, clubs, circles, students, followers….And so, from one, the Origin smile of Creator Spirit brought to us by the beloved Professor Park Jae Woo, it reaches you.

-Meenakshi Suri

Journey in Wholeness

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