Gift of the Earth Dog

What can I say? She came for a too-short while to bless Gaia Smile Garden. A rescue dog whose unconditional love, gentleness, acceptance, and yet a sad resignation helped our compassion to emerge. Brought the family to a new realization. A gift of the year of the dog.

But it’s bittersweet as we can’t keep her, thanks to the laws where we live. Luckily, she has found a new home, and only her memory remains. Wherever you are now, Sasha, remember what we spoke? Here, you are always loved. You have a permanent place in our hearts. Tears….who knows what sadness you allowed to emerge?
We often think that sadness is to be suppressed. But if we allow ourselves to feel it, if we walk into its enfolding arms, it cleanses and leaves behind a newness, a deeper sense of happiness. That is the Smile consciousness of allowing sadness. It prevents the descent into drugs, depression, resentment, blame, that we see in society, even among among the youth whose natural state is joy.
Yes! Dogs help humans, however they appear in our lives.
~Meenakshi Suri
Together, we’re on a journey to wholeness. .

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