The action that frees you

Nishkama karma, as the Song Celestial describes it in Krishna’s Bhagavad Gita, is action where the doer is detached from the fruit of the action, in the knowing that the One is the doer. Just as our hands cut a lemon, but we say: I cut a lemon,” so when we do something,and realize that it is the unity, the oneness, doing that action, we become the participant ibserver, the detached doer. This is the responsibility we learn in my Reiki lineages’s path to mastership: how to make our actions our response-ability, by sending where healing comes from, whether it is by laying in if hands, or Sujok, or prayer.

The healer is the connection among all brings and things. This knowing, more real than knowledge, helps to detach internally from what happens even as we continue doing our spiritual duties.

Oh! The colors seen with the eyes of the heart! After a wonderful session of nishkama karma…our respons-ability to act without being bound to the fruits of our actions. Then, we connected with color through our sisters, the scarves. Existence Spirit is in all, and things are alo our relations. So, we learn #karma yoga of the Bhagavad Gita.
The way to awaken through living in this Neutro world.
So, in our Tuesday circles, our consciousness expands into Gaia: our Mother Earth in whose smiling arms are all brings and all things ,and where we learn to free ourselves by right action.

#allmyrelations #colorthealing #nonkarmic action #nishkamakarma #karma #onelightmanywindows #responsibilities #youdonthavetorenouncetheeirld #Smile #Neutro

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