That first reaction

What is the first sign of a Master? The first reaction. From being one of anger, worry, hatred – the first reaction becomes one of wonder, peacefulness, compassion, watchfulness.

Living in Joyful Awareness

That first reaction defines where we are not just at a moment in time, but in consciousness. ‘First’ seems redundant as a qualifier for ‘reaction’, but I’m letting it stay as, in a conversation, there are a series of first reactions, which define the direction in which the conversation is going. Upward or downward.

Such thoughts woke me today and I decided to revisit this blog, sorely neglected in favor of shorter posts on Instagram and pages on Facebook.

I was rear-ended yesterday; or rather, the car I was driving, was hit at the back by another car. I was stationary in the rush-hour traffic, but the impact jolted me. As my foot was on the brake, I see that the right side absorbed the force of the jolt and has woken me in the middle of the night! No pain, because of the first reaction of a friend who…

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