A Call from Gaia

~Benefits of this journey: a feeling of happiness, love, joy and fulfillment at discharging the purpose you have come to fulfill in this lifetime.

H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync

Breaking News! We’re embarking on a journey. We’re all in it together!

A train is leaving the station, a flight is leaving the airport. A ship is sailing from the port. Or perhaps you prefer a road trip?

~The destination: Land of light.

rootwire-train-markhenson Mark Henson

Purpose of Journey: Transmutation. ~The cargo: all your own feelings that your being of light-ness cannot bear to see, hear, feel, sense, touch, taste, smell.
~Price of Journey:: RELEASE once a day at any chosen time, everything that is distasteful, smelly, discordant, ugly, harsh, or seems wrong within your own feelings, beliefs and thoughts – of racism, hatred, duality, superiority, separation; for such feelings no longer serve Gaia: the consciousness of our Mother Earth and all beings, elements and energies within her
~ Refreshments on the Journey: RECEIVE the blessings of the waves of loving light radiated by thousands who…

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