That peaceful world we dream about is even more vibrant

Reiki is universal, nondual, and therefore inclusive. Each who is attuned to it receives, absorbs and radiates in a unique way. That is how, playing a different note, the harmonics of this magnificent universe are sounded.
~ Meenakshi

Living in Joyful Awareness

I woke yesterday with a vision of our world as it is in our dreams.Vibrant, peaceful, of a very high order of functioning and being. Spreading out into the galaxy, helping the birth and development of new planets.
Much as many Star Elders are doing for ours.
It is real, dear friends. Our real work is waiting for us. To grow up as human beings. To unfold into who we really are.

This vision is also for that aspect of us that confuses innocence with naivete, peacefulness with ignorance of reality, and happiness with ‘living in a ‘la-la land’

We return to innocence when we have released memories of horror and pain, and dedicated to live a life of peace and unconditional love. Not just as words, but as an exercise with every breath. It is an active state of being, of being aware, of seeing the ugliness behind surface…

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