Thanks- Giving Tuesday

Since 2012 we have met. Every Tuesday, taking a break when I would go to India to dip once more into the wellspring of family, motherland, information ancient and new, paradoxical experiences, and wisdom.

I met Nina, I informed her of my wish to begin my circles again. A small group used to meet every Thursday. The only day Nina was free was Tuesday; so – Tuesday it was.

We’ve met every Tuesday when I’m here; with only 1 interruption in the past 2 years. The nucleus is small; the diameter large. In other words, by now, perhaps 50 people have come to our circle; some as occasional visitors, others as regular for a while, and still others as irregularly regular. All wonderful – whether there’s 15 or 1 at a session.

When we share, many windows get opened. Some lead to workshops. The activities we’ve had are meditation, visualization, hoop ceremonies, prayer tie ceremonies, smile taiji, qigong, belly dancing, joyful dancing, crystals sensing, sujok and reiki healing circles, smile birthday celebrations, insight sessions, celebrating the cycles of moon and the festivals of light from many traditions.

Next week, we celebrate Thanks- Giving. K’sitew has graciously agreed to attend and bless us by Hangout. We learn to journey through cyberspace, sacred etheric space and the physical. It’s what our journey to wholeness is all about. You are here with us. If not in the physical, always in heart. For above all,  we are deepening our connection to Gaia: the consciousness of Mother Earth and all beings.


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