Crystals on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Get your crystals ready for a Full Moon cleanse and empowerment on the night of March 22nd-23rd. This time, the shadow of the earth will be on the moon – a penumbral lunar eclipse at Mar 23, 2016 at 9:39:31 AM UTC
I’m hoping to get a good photo of crystals bathing in the moonlight.
Until then, this will have to do:crystal grid moonlight
What are crystals?  They are clear or translucent minerals (stones) in a variety of colors, that have a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together. They form naturally, below the earth’s crust, over many years, pressured by the elements of heat and water.  they hold the memory of the chemicals and processes that have gone into forming them, and quartz crystals are used in modern day computers.
 They are  used in healing, because our bodies are also made of the same elements that make crystals.  In our workshops I focus not on information, which can be easily gleaned from the world wide web of wonder, but on a connection with the crystal, with sensing its message, and taking its help to empower our intentions.
Crystals absorb energies, so it’s good to cleanse them, with salt water (except the soft ones like selenite), or with healing energy like Reiki.
Once cleansed, we can place them out on full moon nights for a good empowerment. I usually leave them for the following day, so that they get a balance of yin and yang energy.
I also place the seeds used in seed therapy out for a yin-yang empowerment.
This Full Moon we’ll see a lunar eclipse. I think of an eclipse not as a hiding, but as a showing, because what we are seeing is the reflection or shadow of the earth on the moon. An embrace of the moon by the Mother Earth – wonderful loving energies to energize crystals and seeds!
Smile Taiji aka samwongong is  a wonderful way to greet the Full Moon. After that, you can ask for an Full Moon Hoop blessing, to align one chakra each full moon, to your central purpose.
Send in your photos or requests to journey dot wholeness at gmail and let us see your crystals! Or – post them on
In loving light

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