Wholeness? What’s it to you?

We  say we’re on a journey

It’s a journey to wholeness

We say we are a whole, complete, perfect being

Unfolding to our wholeness, completeness, perfection

Because we were asleep and are now waking up

We were lost and are now finding the path

We were in the dark and have now found the light.

We say, we feel, we sense, we think.

Who’s that ‘we’ who does all that? What’s the wholeness?

Where do you seek answers from? Where do answers come from to you?

This blog is not an answer. It is not even a question. It is just what it is. Something that reflects what is within.

Who are we, and what is our journey? What is that wholeness, dear friend? Can you express it?

In loving light and wishing you a year that  Dynamically Inspires Oneness Sensing, for it is a year that is reflecting Dios (Spanish word for God).

2016 dios reflection.png




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