Maze or Labyrinth? A way out….

This Tuesday’s circle, a wonderful being shared “I ask myself: Why do I have to do [do something distasteful] every day?”

We shared an insight about the question to ask, to get out of this bewildering maze.

‘Why’ questions are plaintive; and take us back into a seemingly unending thread of causation. Was it a past life problem? Karma? Duty? This can lead to the ‘should-would-could-have to-must’ trap.

So, let’s focus on our perspective. What is it that we are looking for? A way out of the feelings of intense discomfort and distaste. Ask another question.
Replace the question ‘Why’ with ‘What can I’ and ‘How can I’.
‘Why is this happening to me?’ spirals you into an unending stream of questions, a maze that is difficult to get out of. It takes you backwards to a source that does not help you.

First, ask ‘What can I do to make this situation better for me?” or “How can I make this situation better?” and solutions will come forth. It is like entering a labyrinth that keeps leading you to your goal.

Do this in a meditative way, entering this space with letting go, and you will emerge with gratitude.

In short – ‘Why’ takes you to the past.
“How’ brings you into the present.
~Meenakshi Suri
why how maze labyrinth

[Please click and read on the website….this is a first draft and I may add to it by the weekend. Thank you. ]

2 thoughts on “Maze or Labyrinth? A way out….

  1. I like this… it reminds me of give me an example of how something works for you, and give me an example of how it doesn’t. The relationship between mother and child is one way I help bring to the present my love for mother earth as well as all of my friends and sentient beings. ❤

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