Wish~ intend ~ wonder

When we tune into healing we set an intention, to transform a wish into an energy that co-create as an aspect of the universe.

An intention helps to bring the creative energy into a wish.

When we wish, we are wistful. We feel that we are small in a universe of limited resources, but immense power. We feel that our wish may or may not be granted by a powerful universe. When we intend,  we move into being within that powerful universe with love and sense its immense abundance.

My mother had a quote in her scrapbook: ” If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Intention helps the beggar to not only ride but to move from being a beggar to a ‘haver’ if I could playfully coin a term!

“When you have a wish, ask for what you really want, and leave the details to the  universe,” it is said. Because, for example: What if I ask for money to buy a house and I actually receive that money, but cannot spend it on the house because the house got sold in the meantime? So- the wording of what we ask for, is important.  If I ask for the house, I will receive it. Words have energy. They reveal thought. And thought is powerful.

reiki-kanji[1]Just for today

An intention when attuned in Reiki is even more powerful because it is made with a heart that is peaceful, happy and open in surrender to “the highest good of all concerned.” This helps to bring us into a space where we set an intention and let it go as an arrow that pierces the veil of illusion and brings to light that space where I am happy because everyone around me is happy, where I can see the process of a project coming into fruition, a bud blossoming, a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly at its own timing; and in the wonder of that unfolding, intention has merged with the healing.

gaiaminute logoMerge

A  powerful message  by Eli, Swami Shraddhananda: every day, at the same time,  merge with Mother Earth in gratitude and love, in wordless prayer that has no asking, no intention, not even for the betterment of life. This will bring about self and planetary healing and is a message for all of humanity. It is a powerful message, gently strong as Mother Earth, wholistic because without any system of healing, it brings about well-being of mind, body, life and spirit and helps us to live on a planet that goes through seasons, diurnal cycles and annual ones. Our desires, wishes, and intentions just dissolve in the wonderment of that space.

Gaia Minute

smile[1] Smile

Now comes the smile – the essence, as Professor Park, Jae Woo pointed out, of each particle of the universe. In the feeling of wonder we are close to the smile of the creator spirit.

Sujok Smile Healing

earth minute gaia kes for mSync


Whatever messages you receive, connect them  into a thread that brings you happiness. This is how wishes are granted, intentions realized and wonder released.

Hourly Universal Global Sync

As a child, I grew with parents who showed their wonder at the birds, trees, flowers, elephants, or whatever we saw around us, as always for the first time. That sense of wonder does not leave me, so I feel perenially blessed! Why give up this wonderful gift that we are all given? The world is ever new, because you are.

Please share these messages with all. A world of wonder is dawning, to bring smiles to us all. It can be reached as we sync together, every day.
In loving light

© 2015 Meenakshi Suri

by Jim Warren

by Jim Warren

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