Waking one another up

We are waking one another up. The healer who is awake sees the receiver’s needs but also her strength. The teacher who is awake sees the gaps in her students knowledge but also their knowing. The guide who is awake sees the path the traveler is looking for but also the paths she has traversed. The ones who are still waking up….can they help to heal…to learn….to guide? Yes. Because the Supreme Guru shines in all situations and may appear as a receiver, a student, a fellow traveler.

In the gray mists of ego separation is the illusion that “I’ am a patient or a healer; a teacher or a student; the seeker or the guide.In this mist, mutual respect helps the light to shine.

In the light of healing all are one. The student and teacher learn together; healing blesses healer and receiver; and the guide is a fellow traveler.

Isn’t life just wonderful! We are all waking up together.

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