Be whole, human

I am.

I soar in light, pure, transcendent, divine.

I ground in elements forming, decaying, reforming.

I earth.

On earth, atoms can exist as air, water, mud, or other elements; stone, crystal or other mineral forms; plants, grass, trees or other plant forms;  a myriad of animal forms; or as human beings, evolving from homo sapiens to homo luminous.

To effect change on earth, spirit and elements form mind, body, life, soul.

In prayer when we give offering, we say – we are giving to God what is God’s. On this earth, actions go through a multi-layered body of form, mind, and soul. Yet soul is not contained in the body. Spirit is not contained in a being. The boundaries of body, mind and soul are not solid.

What moves through all of this, is consciousness. In this moment, you are the words being read. At this moment you are the fingers typing. At this moment you are the keyboard being pressed to bring to life a thought. At this moment you are the inspiration giving rise to a thought. At this moment you are….. all of this. At this moment, you are wholly human.

Allow your consciousness to move and flow freely into all until you are one with the flow. The center flows with consciousness. As you lose the tenuous clutching at what you feel you are, you begin to flow as who you really are.

Hue-man. Universal. Multi-layered. All-encompassing. No-thing.

I am.

Enjoy this flow into the layers of you.

~Meenakshi Suri

Elemental being human

Image courtesy Josephine Wall


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