Tonight the earth embraces the moon

Tonight in the Western Hemisphere, and early tomorrow morning in the Eastern, the earth will embrace the moon.  Many people on earth are aware of this, but different people look at this event in different ways.

Astrologers and astronomers call it a lunar eclipse. The earth comes between the sun and moon, so we cannot see the moon for a few hours. The eclipsed moon turns reddish in color, so itis also called the Blood Moon.  It is also full moon, when we will see, fully lit, the face that the moon shows the earth. The other side always remains hidden from our view. It is also supermoon, because the moon is near the earth. The last time this happened was in 1982. Where were ou then? Were you born or were you a distant dream for your parents?  Do you remember seeing it? The next time it happens will be more than a decade later. Will we be here? Will we remember this one?

Some people who are in  end-of-the-world consciousness, but not in the new-comes -from-the old- world-consciousness, are  stocking up on supplies and battling fear..

Lightworkers  are receiving and sharing messages about the self-unfoldment that occurs in an occasion of this rarity. Many global meditations will take place. I’m quite sure that many people are blissfully unaware of all these happenings. Humanity as a whole is showing all the layers of consciousness about this event!

When I saw the lunar eclipse some moons ago, it occurred to me that the earth is embracing the moon.,  In that embrace, we see the shadow of our Mother Earth on the Moon. We can wave at ourselves as we are also reflected on  the moon. So we travel through space in our imagination.

As the Earth’s shadow progresses across the moon, it is as an embrace that brings out much that we hide from ourselves – collectively as humanity, and individually as a person living among others. Hidden wishes, secret desires,  fears, longings, yearning, and also dreams, visions, memories of the wonderful – all can be revealed, some to be released to liberate; others to be released for manifestation.

The universe has its own wish for our world. Through the grace of the ascended ones, the prayer of the aware, the meditations of the awakening, and the dreams that lie in our hearts, the hidden shadows of humanity, the intense aggression of life forms  are lightening, allowing the universal dream to manifest. Happiness and peace for all. A life of love, enjoyment, abundance.  Be in smile. This is a smile world and a world of wonder is unfolding, just as surely as the dance of sun, earth and moon plays out on the celestial stage.

We are one, as Gaia, Mother Earth and all beings. The happiness of one radiates to the happiness of all. That is love. That is the embrace of our celestial mother Earth , our starry father Sun, and our beautiful faithful celestial friend, the moon.

~ Meenakshi Suri


The hidden eclipse

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