From knowledge to knowing

All knowledge that’s given to us is a training wheel to Self-knowing.

When we stay stuck at acquiring and accumulating facts, figures, and funds of knowledge, we can become scholars; but when we use the facts and figures to enlarge the scope of our vision, we leap into the vast ocean of Self, into kNOWing the spacetime which we are.

In knowledge we navigate this wonderful world. In Knowing world and self are one.

Starting with this, many metaphors came to mind! Mind after all has been called monkey-mind, Hetero, restless and what not!

Pick the pebbles…but don’t forget to dance the path! Looking for an image I came across this one:



Seeing the ocean, the mind played back:
Pick the pebbles…but don’t forget the ocean!
The ocean is a wonderful metaphor for the self…
It scooted me over to my husband’s  site – Cprofits: Becoming Prosperous Together – where he’s asked me to occasionally post some thoughts-

Interesting metaphor about Greece‬…did the nation that produced some of the world’s wisest scholars somehow lose the way between knowledge and knowing?

As traders, we need to pick up all the facts and figures, then absorb them, so that when you’re in front of the market [read ‘charts’] remember – the charts are a representation of the market. They are not the market. Be still…and you will see where the market is heading.

When you enter that ocean of knowing you never know what knowledge will flow in! Knowledge to knowing? Not really! It’s from knowing we get knowledge, and then back again.

Pick up that pebble,  enjoy its knowing, then throw it back.

Father and son throwing pebbles into the sea

Father and son throwing pebbles into the sea

Are you dancing yet? Share the dance!

©2015 Meenakshi Suri

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