Enter your dream…then bring it about

Enter your dream. Make it so real that you can taste, touch, feel, sense, hear, smell. It is your place, a space you create, where you can feel your heart lift, your lips lift into a smile, every particle of your mind, body, and life smiling.


Mountain Retreat – Thomas Kinkade

How did you enter your dream today?

What did you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, sense?

Which sentient beings were in the dream with you?

What wonders did  you bring back with you into this world in which you live?

This world is a dream of the smile of the Existence Spirit.

This world is a dream become real from the smile of Existence Spirit.

Can you sense the smile?

Enter your dream, and bring the smile out. Help to bring about a world of smile for all. Together, we are on a journey It begins in wholeness, and ends there. On the way, the wholeness expands into layers, and we get lost in the layers, and forget that we are whole. What a wonder when we discover it again!


©2015 Meenakshi Suri. Please feel free to share, with the words and copyright information intact. Thank you.

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