Reiki – the is and is not

It’s not a religion
It’s not ritualistic

It’s not a ‘healing technique’, although it underlies all healing.
Reiki is universal energy. Being universal, it heals.

Reiki flows with intention – not with ‘these are the only standard hand positions’.
It is a healing energy, not [just] a healing technique.

It heals the one who is channeling and the one who is receiving. So, all receive, all channel the flow. Reiki flows with the movement of intention.


Reiki is flowing around and through you now, and if you are not aware of that, an attunement can help. Once you’re attuned, know you are a channel of Reiki, and keep your energy clear, your awareness clear, your emotions, thinking, feeling, expression, connection with the inner spring and the outer world. Keep learning, evolving, growing, upgrading your consciousness. That is why when you attend a Reiki workshop, it is called an initiation. It sets us on a path of self realization.

So Reiki channels….the ones who are sleeping…ones who got mired in illusions about Reiki….arise, awake. REIKI!

In loving light

Reiki as a healing modality

reiki light

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