The same path, only different

As the moon wanes into the dark night near the March equinox, as earth’s northern hemisphere springs to the southern hemisphere’s autumn,  it is a good time to shine our inner light to examine the blocks we wish to move, the ones we wish to place and the ones we are ready to let go.

What does it mean to remove your blocks? How do you know you have them? Is it bad to have blocks?

Let’s look at blocks from a viewpoint beyond duality. That is , we see blocks neither as good nor as bad. It’s like a road. To help you reach your destination, barriers need to be placed to prevent you falling into a river, mirrors placed in blind corners, signposts through bewildering crossings. These blocks help us by opening pathways to our destination, so we want them to remain in place. But other blocks are like a protest of people stopping your movement, or low visibility clouding your judgment. So, let’s focus now on the latter, the blocks we would like to remove.

When you become a prisoner of your image, and feel you’ve to act in a way that you are not feeling, or suppress feelings that are not acceptable to others, you become blocked. When you allow expectations – and not acceptance – of self and others to run your life, blocks appear.

“Even when I am always smiling and happy, people tell me that I am sad.”
“When I get angry, people tell me – You’re a Reiki Master. How can you get angry?”
“I can’t meditate because my children are at home.”
“I’m upset so I can’t go for meditation.”

In our regular Tuesday circles, the most wonderful people participate in healing and meditation. In their outer life, they are healers, leaders, people that others look to for guidance, support, succor, positivity. In the sacred space co-created by the group presence, I find that people feel equally safe to be sad, vulnerable, seeking and transported, envisioning, dreaming. As we leave, all are peaceful, expanded, refreshed.

Many people who are sought by others as healers, beacons of positive messages, or leaders in one way or another,  feel the necessity of always appearing with smiling faces, speaking positive words, showing ‘positive’ emotions, without having fully experienced this within.  They begin to lose their ‘naturalness’. This is an important stage because the vibration of each emotion is becoming clear, and they are fine-tuning their energy signature. However, as they do so, they are held hostage by a persona that is attractive to the ones around them who are still awakening.  They attempt to live as others would have them, suppress their unwelcome emotions, and sooner or later,  the cup is full and  seeks release. How wonderful to have a sacred, safe space of smile energy where shadows are not considered ‘wrong’ but where the balance between the public and private face can be harmonized.

malkuth-garden-and-forest-with-the-moon-in-capricorn- Jane Adams

malkuth-garden-and-forest-with-the-moon-in-capricorn- Jane Adams

It is considered brave and courageous to not be sad. So the one who is sad about her divorce, was seeking happiness. The one who misses her family left behind in Cuba was seeking peace. Yet it is far braver to face sadness, disappointment, even regret with the light of smile. “FEEL your sadness. Please don’t suppress it. Smile is there, even in sadness,” I burst out, and there was a sudden release.  Tears, and then the freshness that comes after the rain has passed.

As humans we have an unparalleled range and depth of emotions given to motivate our behavior [both words from ’emovere’: to move] – and even more, to feel our human-ness. Embracing all emotions fully is human. Expressing them in a way that is complete in the moment, is mastery. Suppressing them is a path fraught with danger!

The important lesson here, is that it is fine to allow oneself to express feelings in front of the ones looking up to you. Be real, authentic, and let them really learn that becoming lighter comes with fully accepting the gifts of human-ness. After all, they are learning from you who is also still unfolding,  and perhaps one of the toughest yet most rewarding paths we can show one another is that the light we  seek is within us, the the choices we make can form barriers and pathways, and that we can choose to change them whenever we like.

As we show one another the way, reach out and help one another, and sit by the side of the path, taking a break, we are fellow travelers on a journey to wholeness.

In loving light

the path of the wise man- gilbert williams

the path of the wise man- Gilbert Williams


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