To feel and not to suffer


A cell that is dead can feel no pain nor relief. There is no suffering, no feeling.

A person who is deeply asleep, is insensitive to the pain and uncaring of the happiness of others.  There is suffering from one’s own pain, feeling of one’s own pleasure.

One who is expanding into awakening can feel the pain and happiness  of self and unknowingly absorbs from others,  becomes ‘over’-sensitive, empathic, intuitive. If unaware of oneness, there are extremes of suffering, unending pain, or uncontrollable joy.

The enlightened one feels the pain of all but does not suffer, and the joy of all but chooses to stay grounded, expanded, earthed, of service wherever required, knowing self as Self.

In our journey to wholeness, we expand into each state and find the serene smile that feels all, knows all, senses all, and serves all. When we serve in healing, we can access this state, if only for a while, until it becomes more and more stable.

The key is energy. Enlightened and ascended masters reveal to us the ways in which to take ownership of our energy.

Reiki initiation,  smile meditation, and the many options available to us today, can help us to move from being a magnet for energy to a master of it.

~Meenakshi Suri

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


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