Raising your vibration

Why do you want to raise your vibration? Is it because you are seeing messages saying you should do so? Or perhaps because you sense that will help you to be happier, more powerful, more effective, able to get what you want in life?

It’s all true, because ‘all’ is operative here. Vibration is not raised in a linear, straight line fashion. It is spherical, not circular but in a spiral flow. You don’t go ‘higher’ – because there is no up and down in space; you expand in all directions. expansion

It’s an internal journey of awakening. So, how do we raise our vibration? First, know that there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ vibration; no ‘better’ or ‘worse’;  that ‘low’ does not mean ‘bad’ and ‘high’ does not mean ‘good’.

Once you realize this, you will master your vibration, raising it when needed, lowering it when required, always becoming aware of the inner light. The sun does not lose its splendor when the moon passes in front of it, nor the smile its luminescence when it shines not from the mouth but from the eyes.

sun eclipse - Peter Rosen  Universe Today

Great kings of old would walk their kingdoms as  commoners, mingling with their subjects to get a feel of their life, aspirations, feelings about the king. Great beings walk among us, shielding us from their blinding light while guiding us on our paths.

krishna family friends mirror
Look in the mirror of your clear self, for that is you: a being of great light,  capable of spiraling up and down the rivers of vibration. It’s encoded in our DNA.
dna body light
Enjoy the journey!

4 thoughts on “Raising your vibration

  1. I loved the simplicity and sublime eloquence of this post, therein I applaud your endeavours in distilling that which is know within us all and present it in a manner that has the power to resonate profoundly. Very big thank you for sharing your wisdom, sincere regards, Barry


  2. What does this even mean? Raising your vibration? The vibration of what? Molocules? Some kind of unspecified “energy”? People say that doing fun and kind things raise your vibration. Good feelings are chemicals and hormones. How does vibration fit in the equation? How does vibration effect your behaviour or psycology. Can it be measured? Or is it just based on your subjective feeling? Its not the same as brainwaves, or do you mean that? Coded in our dna? How so? Where do you get your information, what source are you basin this on? Why does science say there is no proof? Its very vague, no one can find a corrolation or causation. Its Just flowery words. How do you translate this to behaviour and why? How do you Apply this? By being nice and doing what makes you happy? Seems kind of obvious advice even without putting vibration in the mix. Lots of loopholes in this vibrational story so many people keep repeating. it actually doesnt really tell people anything usefull.


    • Wow; so many wonderful questions, starseed! The post you read and the questions that arose reveal two stages of the creation process. You found ‘nothing’ness or the Neuto state; and expressed questions seeking many directions – science, psychology, wisdom, writing style, and so on: this is the Hetero or expansion stage. As you seek answers within, on the web, in books and other places, the process of compiling will take place – the Homo stage. And then, I hope you will share your knowledge and knowing, to benefit the world, which is the ‘Neutro’ stage, the one that helps this to be a world of smile. The words Neuto, Hetero, Homo, and Neutro as used here, are from my understanding of the Triorigin theory of Prof. Park, Jae Woo. A fascinating read. It’ll take lifetimes to fully absorb it!


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