Take 4 steps to heal your relationships

Today, in your daily connection with Self, give yourself a permission that will set you on a path that heals your life and the life of family, relatives, peers, co-workers, co-students, neighbors. This takes four steps. Take them as steps of a Qigong or Taiji movement.

Step 1: Ready?

readyAre you ready to let go of relating in a way that does not serve you? Relationships are often not directly our choice. They are a circumstance of our birth or choices we make about whom to marry, where to live, study  or work. But how we relate to the people we are in relationship with – ah, that is a choice we make, and that choice binds us or sets us free. Binding is both ways, as is liberating. That is why letting go heals. The wonderful thing is – that choice can be made every moment. However, it has to be a choice that you make, mindfully, feeling that it is Divine Timing. Take your time. How do you know it’s time? You’ll smile at the thought of improving your ways of relating to others.

Step 2: Set

ready-setSet an affirmation or intention. In this step, it is important to be authentic to yourself.  Don’t get caught in whether something is an affirmation or an intention. Just think of words that help you to smile internally. It’s wonderful to let the words come to you naturally, and here are some to nudge you to forming them.

I am grateful for the loving relationships in my life.
Today I am grateful for the loving relationships in my life
Just for now I am grateful for the loving relationships in my life
In the safety of this sacred, private space, I  acknowledge to my loving self, that I am not happy with the ways I relate to xxx. I stay in this feeling for a while, and realize I am ready to change that.

Don’t just say the words or read them. FEEL them.  Write down the words that are coming to you, or say them aloud.  Smiling? Now you’re set!

Step 3- Go!

ready-set-goToday in your daily connection with yourSelf, use your breath – that enduring  relationship that you have to your living body and to the source of life. If you are comfortable with this – breathe in to a count of four, flow internally with your breath to a count of four or eight, then breathe out for a count of four.

Breathe in life, surrender tired  ways of relating,
breathe out life.
Breathe in light, surrender toxic ways of relating,
breathe out light.
Breathe in love, surrender your painful ways of relating,
breathe out love.

Step 4 – Be

smile purpleThe last step is no-step. It’s being still, silent, peaceful, in smile. The step that begins and ends all.  Though still, it requires the practice of surrender. The one that can go out into the world to play, enjoy, have fun, make new friends and even more important, relate in new ways to the ones you already know.

smile ready set go
Gently pushed by a wonderful friend Nina, a Health Coach, I am developing new workshops. This post is a prelude to one on relationships that will be offered mid-January onwards in Miami and online via Skype. Please contact if interested in attending.

In loving light


In gratitude to the smile  logo created by Prof. Park Jae Woo. The words are copyright Meenakshi Suri. You are welcome to share the post. Please keep copyright information intact. That’s an aspect of Right Relationship.

golden light solstice sun


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