Explore the Energy of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is Christmas’ Neutro face, and it’s not just because it’s green. It’s because it’s seen all over the world – a fir or pine tree in the Christmas season. [Link Remarkable-Christmas-trees-around-the-world]

Let’s explore together and see where this thought takes us.

  • The Christmas tree is often shown as a spiral. That is the Neutro spiral energy, the smile energy of the universe operating in our body. Spiral movements, as in the Smile Taiji and Twist Gymnastics devised by Prof. Park Jae Woo, help to align us with our planetary and universal home – both within and without.

christmas tree spiral

  • The tree is shaped like a triangle. Let’s explore the Triorigin of the Christmas tree.

christmas tree triorigin explore

The tree is decorated, usually by family members together. Homo force – the family closeness. Hetero force – buying the tree, the ornaments and so on. Neutro force- sharing and buying gifts from family and friends to be opened on Christmas Day. The trimmings are of various colours, and we can see the glimmer of another of Prof Park’s theories here- 6-ki or six energies derived from the five elements.

  •  Interesting! All six -ki colours are seen in the celebration of Christmas. Not only as colour, but also as the energy and elements they represent. We learn and teach these in our Sujok classes.

xmas tree 6 ki black med

  • It doesn’t stop there. The tree has a healing connection as well. You can use any of the ‘needles’ – as the leaves are called – to help heal body pains, by using their natural magnetic energy along Sujok correspondence points.
  • In Prof Park Jae Woo’s Triorigin Theory, the ” Neutro force is a connecting, adjusting and mediating force.” The colour of Neutro is …you guessed it…green. As naturally is the tree.
Source: http://is.gd/j1XzZf

Trees grown specially to become Christmas Trees Source: http://is.gd/j1XzZf

As I explore Triorigin, with the Sujok teachers and the books of Prof. Park, these insights come up for sharing. It is such a blessing to learn and present these to the world, and keep unfolding one’s consciousness.

Merry Christmas to all! May the smile pervade every aspect of your life…If you feel it’s time to explore Sujok Smile healing and Triorigin Theory, contact us!

Meenakshi Suri

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