It’s not a thing

 Is it really all it is? A pen? You look at a pen, and the smile on your face because your beloved grandfather gave it to you, or the letter you wrote with it, is the real stuff of the pen.

journey with books

Mary Rives writes a beautiful poem on our belongings, which is specially important for those who are  seeking to be non-materialistic. Hint: perhaps you already are.


How we love our belongings
for the feelings they invoke…

The books on the shelves
remind us of a time
when our minds were raptly engaged
with their words, concepts, visions, thoughts,
that may escape us now.
If we listen, we can hear the collective whisper,
“Read me again!”

The ruffled turkey feather
you found during the hike
the day our friend died…

The dried roses from the day
you congratulated me
for an accomplishment
worthy of your gift,
yet only the memory of you handing me roses

The Indian wedding vases
one that represents our long and lovely marriage.
The other union is our only child and his betrothed,
the beautiful Bevin.

Treasures lie scattered
each with meaning,
sacred, repelled, indifferent.

Out with that old thing
that clutters my space.
In with the new that needs not
physical form…
except for
my every breath.

Mary Rives, Thrive and Shine

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