Surrender: Let Go to receive

I was remembering a conversation with Eli, Swami Shraddhananda in which he spoke about prayer. He came from the forested foothills of the Himalayas with a simple message – it is time for thousands to adopt a daily practice of prayer, which so far has been done by sages and monks world-wide.

An individual practice for even 9 – 10 minutes every day, when multiplied by thousands of people in different time zones, in prayer each hour  brings planetary healing and a world of  blessings for all.

As he spoke, a halo formed around the sunlight.

sun lights halo

Eli spoke about a prayer of surrender -not praying to ask for something, but gratitude, with no intention, “just surrendering and praying”. That, he said, is the prayer with the greatest power, because it is in devotion to the expanded consciousness we call God.

So the mind flowed into Surrender as explained by different wise ones, many in our library of Simple Truths through One Light Many Windows.

Surrender ~ Let go ~ and receive.

Here is a way of doing this through Triorigin Twist Gymnastics.

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