Whenever you wonder

Whenever you wonder my darling, if the world can reach perfection
Type a word, a phrase, a wish, a query in Google or Bing
You’ll find many people are wondering the same thing

When you feel disheartened,  beloved, for what you seek seems beyond your reach
Upload an image of the heavenly world you long for, in that online search engine
The world-wide-web of wonder  will show you many inspired by the same vision

Whenever you wonder, sweet one, why your voice finds no echo
Remember the Tower of Babel. There are many languages we speak
The virtual world will translate your words until you find what you seek

If you are lonely, not finding like-vibratory friends
Hesitate not to reach out through social networks of your choice
You will be transformed for you will find your voice

If something in your life seems not quite right,
Go out of your home, your neighborhood, your comfort zone
Trust, open your heart, extend your arms, peer beyond your sight
You’ll find friends searching for you, you’ll be with your own.
lion lamb

~ written with smile and a little laughter
© 2014 Meenakshi Suri

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