Journey in vibrant health

Our journey to wholeness is in this world. The material planet earth, the mental experience of thought, the emotional experience with people and other life forms, the spiritual connections to our soul.

Many people today want to be young always, ageless. This is more due to fear of old age and decay than an enjoyment of youth.  In this way, an old mind is seeking youth. Thoughts of anxiety, fear, lack, are not youthful thoughts. They show through the eyes even if the body looks young with extreme exercise, cosmetic surgery, unusual diets.

Let’s start with physical health, which Triorigin Theory calls the Body smile. How do you reach optimum physical health and maintain it?

First, recognize the inter-relationship among mind, body, life.Triorigin model of self-Prof Park Jae Woo
Second,  fine-tune the focus of the mind.

Focus on vibrant health, not on a particular weight
Focus on joyful movement, not on exercise regimens
Focus on natural foods, not on diet or power foods.

child youthful vibrant

You knew that as a child. Follow the child to stay youthful.

Third, choose what you can follow

Choose your goal depending on what will make you feel vibrant, not based on the fashion of the place and time you are in.
Choose activity that fits into your life and schedule.
Choose foods that are easily available and simple to prepare.

Fourth, enjoy!

Start with smile, proceed with smile, experience smile of mind, body, life
Enjoy the journey, not just the anticipation of a destination
Connect frequently to the inner child and let go of all that does not serve you.

Simple, right? Truth is always simple.
Let’s begin.

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