NOW- Let’s get real

So there’s all this talk of Now, and how there’s nothing else but the present. But you have a clear idea about what you did on a certain date, and that date is not today; what you have planned to do a few minutes from now,;and what you were doing just a second ago. Actually, past seems real, future seem possible, but the present…it is ephemeral. The moment I say – now, it was.  It’s gone. Past. And before I know it, the future moment is present.

How do you reconcile your experience with your learning?

So, what does it mean when we [human beings, teachers, sages, wise ones] say there’s just the Now? What about those  catchy words:Yesterday was history, tomorrow’s a mystery, today’s a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.  Really? When does today come? This moment…or that one?  Their meaning eludes if you dive into them.


It’s just an expansion of thought, that’s all that NOW is. All being the operative word. You are not being asked to give up what happened the moment before the present moment nor what is being planned for the moment after.  You are not asked to discount the passage of time, the clock, the seasons, the rotations and revolutions of your world. What you are asked to do, is to e x p a n d your sense of what you feel is yesterday or the past, of the next moment, or the future, even of what you think is the present.

What you are thinking, remembering, feeling is NOW, even if it is about yesterday or tomorrow or today. Now is not the present. It is just that. NOW. There is no synonym for Now in English.

Awareness of NOW helps in expanding our consciousness. It makes more real what we are feeling. It makes the past more present, the future more palpable.

Awareness of NOW specially helps in healing chronic ailments. Time and again I am told – I have xxx pain; and when I ask – do you have it NOW? Did you have it earlier today? Yesterday? Last few  weeks? The answer is No. After a few No’s, the ailment that had left the body finally leaves the mind, and that is true healing. Use the power of Now to know what your body is experiencing and asking for. There is nothing as potent as learning from the body!

Patanjali started his Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit with the words:  अथ योगानुशासनम् ॥१॥atha yoganusasanam
Now begin the sacred instructions of union.

atha = now, Aum, Om, Amen, then & therefore, absolute reality
yoganusasanam = Yoga instruction, Yoga doctrine, Yoga code of conduct

He may have written them thousands of years ago. But they have always been in the Now.

©2014 Meenakshi Suri

now now always

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One thought on “NOW- Let’s get real

  1. . . . now i like this ephemeral unknown unnamed and ever only vanishing existence NOW. I do not know the ever coming new next moment, that is coming moment to moment, what is ever new, that that only around me “is”, the next never the same across all similairties, sedulous the same but newer ending . . .

    Yes, I like it, I LOVE it because it is now so trustable!


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