The three pebbles

Sitting by a creek, I pick up three pebbles. One is smooth, and I want to keep it; another has a strange shape, and I am disappointed, then intrigued.  The third is sharp, ugly, unpleasant and my first reaction is to throw it back in the river.

pebble creek

All three are gifts of the river, and so I seek a lesson from them.  ‘…find books in running brooks,” wrote Shakespeare.


The smooth pebble comes like a blessing : people, things, interactions, events  which are clearly an answer to an intention,  wish, desire, need. These seem to follow the Law of Attraction. Gratitude expresses itself through  heartfelt words, feelings, song, prayer. through gratitude, I acknowledge that I am on the right path, taking right action, thinking right thought.


The strangely shaped pebble represents people, things, interactions, events  which are not fully  an answer to a stated intention, wish, a desire, a need. They may confuse us – give us hope that we will get what we want, or dishearten us by their incompleteness. When these come into your life,  go closer to the source of what you wish for. Sometimes what we are aware of, is not the fullest expression of the soul’s intent. Our heart is expressing the intent of the soul. Go within. Listen. Then let the wish go, with your breath, with prayer ties, or with a wordless prayer, into the universe.


What of the misshapen pebble? The one that’s too sharp, too large, just not right? Sometimes people come our way who are troublesome; things, interactions, or events   take place that seem to go against our stated intention,wish, desire, need. In the river of life, these represent a bend that leads to clarity, or a rock that we can flow around. When things seem to go against your wish, first thank them for the challenge, then look at them from a wide and deep perspective. See what they are showing you. The gift you receive will be one of wonder.

Enjoy the walk by the river. Maybe I will be there with  you.

In loving light



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